The choice of Syrah recalls a thousand-year long history and proposes a wine that is different from classic Tuscan wines and takes advantage of perfect soil and climate to grow. Strictness and attention to the winemaking process in the vineyard and in the winery make Maestà di Santa Luce a product to be thoroughly savoured.

Why do we find Syrah vines in the land of Sangiovese?
The hill of Maestà di Santa Luce is an enclave where climate and type of soil create the perfect environment for growing these Syrah vine shoots. We have set ourselves the goal of producing a wine that is different from classic Chianti, Brunello and Nobile di Montepulciano and and getting it through a very accurate processing, both in the vineyard and in the winery.

Syrah Tuscany | Maestà di Santa Luce red wine | Cortona
Syrah Tuscany | Maestà di Santa Luce red wine | Cortona

We work by hand amidst the vine rows, every phase of the seasonal vine-growing process is carried out without mechanical means: trimming, pruning, periodical sampling before the harvest, to verify the stage of ripeness, and the quality of grapes, and finally harvesting. No weed killers are used in the vineyard gardens to allow vines to find their natural balance and vigour. There are only a few seasonal treatments made before the harvest strictly in line with organic farming regulations.

Selection and Accuracy


Dozens of people amidst the vine rows pick grapes by hand: grapes are first selected in the vineyard, then laid down in wooden boxes and immediately brought to the winery where they are further selected.

The secret hidden by our vineyards is a combination of clay-loam soil, a beautiful location halfway up the hill (three hundred meters AMSL) and a considerable temperature range between day and night, a fluctuation that gives wine freshness, concentration of aromatic substances in the skins and high quality in terms of taste and olfaction.

Syrah Tuscany | Maestà di Santa Luce red wine | Cortona