Quality is leading us. We are not interested in big numbers, but in making an excellent product. You will fall in love with our Syrah. Every bottle is numbered as they are intended for supply to selected restaurants and wine bars and for wine lovers in search of exceptional quality and rarity..

Our mission is declared: to produce a high quality flawless and hand-made wine, a wine that makes people fall in love when it is paired with a tagliata of Chianina beef, a platter of cold cuts and cheese, a traditional beef stew, a bowl of pasta with Tuscan meat sauce or a delicious game stew. Fall in love with this wine!

Maestà di Santa Luce is pure Syrah wine, IGT, harvested in the vineyard between late September and early October to capture sunlight and solar energy all the way. This wine characterised by a bright and intense ruby red colour, soft and round, while it swirls all around the glass, gives off a complex aroma with hints of ripe red fruits, from blackberry to cherry and prune. The nose has a generous intense spicy notes of black pepper, accompanied by slight notes of vanilla, chocolate, with a pleasant ending of balsamic aroma. In the mouth it is compact, soft, balanced and characterised by elegant tannins; it is a warm wine that, thanks to its persistence, offers in the mouth a long fruity and spicy finish.

We started our production in 2017 and we reached 1,467 bottles in 2019, each one of them is numbered: our aim is not a large quantity but rather the great quality of our Syrah, intended for supply to a few selected restaurants and wine bars as well as for wine lovers who are in search of exceptional quality and rarity.

The 2018 vintage, released in 2021, had a production of 2695 bottles and in the same year, we also came out with 300 magnums of the 2017 vintage. In 2022, however, we produced 3219 bottles of Maestà di Santa Luce 2019.

Maestà di Santa Luce Syrah | Pure IGT  | Wine of Tuscany

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Maestà di Santa Luce

Maestà di Santa Luce Syrah | Pure IGT  | Wine of Tuscany


AREA: Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo) - Loc. Santa Luce

ALTITUDE: from 220 to 250 m AMSL

SOIL: Clay-loam


CULTIVATION SYSTEM: Spur-trained system

MAXIMUM YIELD: 7,000 Kgs/ha

WINERY: Loc. Brolio 110, Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo)

TYPE OF WINE: Red wine


DESIGNATION: Indicazione Geografica Tipica Toscana

YEAR: 2019

CLIMATE: Cold winter, rainy spring and temperature below average which delayed grape maturation, hot and dry summer, but overall a great year


BOTTLE FORMAT: 0.75l and 1.5l

PRODUCED BOTTLES: 3219 of 0.75l; 100 of 1.5l

HARVEST: October 12th (later than past years), grape conservation in cold room for one day at 4°C and grape press on October 14th

WINEMAKING: Red winemaking with maceration of grapes for 12 days. Fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks.

RACKING: November 1

RIPENING: The ripening of grapes is monitored from early September to the harvest, with weekly sampling at the beginning and then bi-weekly sampling in the vineyard when the time of harvest is approaching, according to a method established in a way to have data that can be compared year after year.

FINING: Partly in steel tanks and partly in French oak barrels

COLOUR: Bright intense ruby red

BOUQUET: Complex bouquet with hints of ripe red fruits like cherry and plum, intense spicy notes mainly of black pepper accompanied by slight notes of vanilla and chocolate with an ending of balsamic aroma

TASTE: Compact, concentrated, characterised by elegant tannins, warm, spicy and persistent, with a fruity finish.

PAIRING WITH: First courses with meat sauce, grilled red meat, stewed game and spicy stewed beef