Would you like to know how our Syrah is made? Which are its peculiarities and characteristics? Which world is hidden behind the production of a bottle of Maestà di Santa Luce? Contact us for a unique and original wine tasting experience amidst vine rows and at the winery. An all-round embrace of flavours.

Indulge in tasting wine with all the senses: a sensory experience that will lead wine lovers through the vineyard and at the winery to discover how our Syrah is made and to taste its peculiarities.

In the spring and summertime amid the rows of vines of Maestà di Santa Luce it is possible to hear the voice of vines while tasting our Syrah surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside; a visit to the small shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary that overlooks the vineyards and gives its name to our wine is a blast from the past and old folk traditions.

In the winter, the winery and the country house in Brolio are the headquarters to get to know and find out more about the transformation of grapes into wine and the techniques used in the winemaking process and to discover all its strength through wine tasting from the barrels and in the wine tasting room. We wish to show the fruit of our passion of winemakers in detail to transmit and share the intensity of our Syrah, making guests feel part of our world.

Wine tasting in Castiglion Fiorentino | Maestà di Santa Luce | Arezzo
Wine tasting in Castiglion Fiorentino | Maestà di Santa Luce | Arezzo

This choice leads us to welcome, upon reservation, small groups of wine lovers, from two to maximum six people. The tasting experience includes the different vintages of Maestà di Santa Luce paired with local cold cuts and cheese.

This is an all-round embrace of flavours, offering the chance to take a walk along the dirt roads within our Brolio estate, where over sixty hectares of apple trees are grown: we will be happy to be your guides in this scenic path amidst apple trees and, according to the season, let you be involved in apple picking.